We have partnered with Autonomous iOT to give organisations in the public, private and third sector access to their market-leading technology.

Who are Autonomous IoT?
Autonomous iOT is a UK company based in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, that delivers technology solutions that encompass​ cutting-edge security, lighting, communication ​and sensing systems.

What does their system do?
Their system is built around an intelligent device that facilitates multiple security, lighting, communication ​and sensing systems to be mounted on its unit, all harnessing the use of renewable energy.

Why does my organisation need this?
Aside from the carbon reduction benefits due to its ability to harness wind and solar energy, the system allows for the integration of multiple iOt devices as well as helping adhere to the requirements of Martyn’s Law.

How do I find out more?
Contact our team who can arrange a demonstration and discuss the different ways in which the system can help your business as well as the various costing and installation options:

01792 561333

[email protected]