Plexus FS has presented a pupil at Glan Y Mor Comprehensive School with the “Plexus Prize for Contribution to Our Wider Community” for his selfless act in saving the life of a young boy who got into difficulty while playing in the sea.

During the Summer, 12-year-old Theo Pulman was enjoying a day at the beach with his friends, playing in the tidal pools, when he spotted 9-year-old Dexter Bowen was in difficulty.

Having been caught by the tide, Dexter was being dragged out to sea when Theo sprang into action telling his friends to dial 999 while he bravely jumped into the water to help.

He initially tried to put him on his shoulders, but the weight was too great and forced Theo underwater, so he told the boy to lie still on his back and float and then pushed him back to the shore.

“I immediately remembered the advice my Grandfather gave me, which was to stay calm and float on your back like a starfish,” said Theo, “so that’s exactly what I told Dexter to do, and I stayed with him until the Coastguard arrived.”

As the deputy launch authority at Burry Port RNLI, Theo’s Grandfather certainly played a role in the outcome of this scenario, but with an uncle and cousin also in the RNLI, a future as a coastguard may be on the horizon.

“I can definitely see myself volunteering for the lifeboat when I’m older alongside my uncle, cousin and my grandad,” said Theo.

With nationwide media recognition for his actions, when it came to the school’s Annual Prize Evening, it was fitting that he be rewarded for his actions.

“As a school, we hold great store by the actions of our students to support our community, and what better way to contribute to it than by saving a life,” said Headteacher John Jones.

As sponsors of the award, the sentiment was echoed by Plexus FS as Paul Jones reflected. “Theo’s quick reaction saved the day and thanks to his bravery and calmness under pressure, he prevented what could have been a much worse outcome, and we are extremely privileged to present him with the award.”