As part of an ongoing contract with Graham FM to provide support to Swansea University, Plexus FS is responsible for a number of the systems that keep staff, students, visitors and athletes safe when using the facilities.

Plexus FS looks after a comprehensive portfolio of systems on the site that include:

  • Fire Safety
  • Refuge Alarm, 
  • Pager System
  • Access Control
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Poolside Alarms

“It’s a busy, mixed-use sporting facility that has a huge amount of activity,” said James Watts of Plexus FS, “and with a footprint of over 8,000 sq. metres, it’s a large building with a comprehensive safety system to manage .”

Opened in 2003, some of the systems are approaching 20 years old, and as well as replacing and upgrading old systems and units, there is the issue of water to overcome, as James explains.

“The wet environment poses its own set of challenges, especially for older units that were installed before our time that have suffered degradation due to rust. Fortunately, we have excellent links with manufacturers of specialist, marine grade units that we are systematically installing throughout the site.”

At the poolside, the Plexus FS team also manage the poolside alarms and beam detectors, an intelligent system that is perfect for large open spaces such as this, where smoke detectors are not suitable.

The Beam detectors work by reflecting a laser from one wall to another and sensing if smoke particles break the laser beam, thus triggering the alarm.

As well as alarm systems poolside, the team also look after the safety systems underneath the pool and in the main plant room, enabling a safe environment for facilities staff to operate in.

In addition to the pool, the team also look after the Swansea Bay Sports Park, home to a range of facilities which are used by students, University Sports Teams as well as members of the public. These include a gymnasium, sports hall, squash courts, classrooms, offices and more.