As part of our contract with Swansea University (through lead contractors Graham FM), we undertake regular inspections of the systems and units we are responsible for.

This planned maintenance schedule is put in place to pick up on any issues and thanks to a routine fire alarm maintenance check, we were able to identify a significant problem.

A check on the systems in place at The Callahan Building at the University’s Singleton Campus revealed that the field devices were near or over the manufacturer’s life expectancy.

This was reported to the University who in turn, released a tender to install a new system within the building, and, after an intensive tendering process, Plexus FS was appointed to undertake the project.

“While we are responsible for the maintenance and repair of units, significant upgrades such as this one involved an open tender process which we were delighted to win,” said James Watts of Plexus FS.

With the project involving the:

  • Replacement of 163 Gent Devices
  • Installation of 23 new devices to satisfy category L2 requirements
  • Upgrade of Gent fire alarm panel
  • Upgrade of the original 2-loop system into a 4-loop system giving a loop per floor to allow for the additional capacity 

The Plexus team were on site for 3 weeks, however, thanks to our experience and knowledge of the Gent systems, we were able to install the new system and remove the old one with minor interruptions to the staff and students.

“This was a great project to work on, as there were several challenges to overcome, however, the team worked diligently and completed the job on time and on budget.”