The City & County of Swansea have been a longstanding client of Plexus FS, and over the last two years, the CCTV team, led by Chris Thomas, have been busy upgrading the systems.

Focussing on the tower blocks situated at Griffith John Street, Croft Street and Matthew Street, Chris and his team have successfully updated the system from the previous analogue cameras to new, IP CCTV units.

“After years of exposure to the elements, low-quality resolutions and vandalism,” explained Chris, “the council decided to upgrade the three main accommodation blocks in the city centre.”

With a specific brief to meet, Chris and his team designed a bespoke system that not only increased the CCTV coverage at each tower block but allowed the council to monitor them all simultaneously from a central location.

“The safety of residents and visitors is of paramount importance to the council,” continued Chris, “so we installed high-definition IPTV cameras at key locations within each building including entrances and exits, stairwells, inside lifts, on landings as well as fire escapes and the perimeter of each site.”

All in all, the Plexus team oversaw the upgrade of 70+ cameras across the three sites, as well as the installation of a fibre link to facilitate remote viewing by both the South Wales Police and the council.

“The new cameras are streets ahead of the old units,” said Chris, “and offering sharp, high-resolution colour images both during the day and at night, the system is already helping to create a safer environment for residents.”

Griffith John Street
Griffith John Street