South Wales fire and security company Plexus FS has completed the upgrade of over 100 cameras at the prestigious Vale Resort Hotel, in Hensol.

The project, which involved the gradual transition away from the old analogue system to a new high-definition networked IP CCTV system, has been ongoing for the last five years, as Chris Thomas of Plexus explains:

“The Vale have been clients of ours for many years, and when they decided to update the CCTV system, we were only too pleased to design a bespoke solution that maximised security yet minimised disruption to the hotel when installing.”

With new cameras positioned throughout the estate, including car parks, entrances and exits, within communal areas inside the hotel as well as at the newly opened Hensol Castle distillery and wedding venue, the project required significant planning.

“The estate footprint is quite expansive, so the IP CCTV System selected not only gave the hotel advanced features such as automatic number plate recognition, HD quality resolution and sharp images in all lighting conditions but also removed the need to hardwire the cameras as they all work wirelessly.”

This allowed the hotel to maintain a central overview of the site from the security office without the need for disruptive cabling and more importantly, the system can be scaled as and when needed.

Chris Leeke, whose family own the hotel, commented, “It has been a pleasure to work with Plexus on this project. Not only has the new system been installed quietly with minimum disruption to guests, but the state-of-the-art cameras give us a complete overwatch of the estate and the ability to add more cameras over the coming years as the hotel develops.”