As a fire and security company, we offer a 360-degree service for our clients that includes initial survey, design, installation, monitoring, servicing & repair and aftercare.

And for one customer in particular, our ability to quickly send out engineers to deal with issues made a considerable difference to the safety of its business.

Morgan Advanced Materials, better known in Swansea as Morganite, are one of the longest-standing industrial companies in the area, and as part of our contract with them, we installed their new automated barrier.

The barrier was connected to the access control and CCTV camera system (also installed by us) allowing the site to have 24/7 security without the need for a manned security hut.

However, on one occasion, one of the delivery drivers accessing the site collided with the barrier, causing significant damage.

Not only did this render the barrier inoperable from the remote security office, but it potentially caused a bottleneck for access until it could be fixed.

Thankfully, all the client had to do was contact Plexus and once they had, we dispatched our automated barrier specialist Richard Bennett to deal with the problem.

“We were on-site immediately,” said Richard “and put in place a temporary fix until we could return to replace the barrier, which we did in a matter of days.”

Not only did this re-secure the site, but also allowed the businesses there to continue with little if any disruption to the flow of traffic.

If this sounds like the type of service you would like for your business, please contact Richard on:
[email protected]
► 01792 561333