Many businesses change, especially those in the manufacturing industry and one such example is Morgan Advanced Materials in Swansea, better known as Morganite.

The Llansamlet-based business has been at the same location for over 100 years, albeit under different names during that time, and perhaps its most recent “big change” was selling off a large portion of its land to ASDA to create a new superstore in 1999.

Since that time, Morgan AM&T has continued to decrease in size, so much so, it reviewed its security needs and decided to switch to an unmanned security solution and began looking for a partner company to deliver this.

Step forward Plexus FS and security specialist Tom Balfry.

With a desire to run an unmanned security hut, Morgan AM&T required a company that could provide the systems and hardware to keep the site secure, while providing 24/7 monitoring and security alerts.

After a comprehensive survey of the site to assess weak spots, the existing network, as well as the best way for the system to communicate with Morgan AM&T staff (especially out of hours), Tom designed a specific system based on their needs.

With over 20+ high-resolution IP CCTV cameras, a new Intruder Alarm System and Automatic Barriers, Plexus were able to install a security solution that kept the site secure 24/7 without the need for security personnel.

“The cameras are monitored by staff at Morganite when required during office hours,” said Tom, “and out of hours, the cameras are monitored by our monitoring station and with features such as external speakers at each elevation, not to mention superb low-light camera images, we can either disperse potential vandals and thieves directly or call the police.”

Not only does this give Morgan AM&T peace of mind that there are “eyes” on the site 24/7, but through the other systems we fitted, we were able to provide a reliable service and save them money.

For more information on our services, especially if you are considering saving money by removing or reducing 24/7 manned security, please contact Tom on:
01792 561333
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